We carry other great stuff to remember your trip to Pats Peak with like t-shirts and sweatshirts, stickers and magnets, pins, pint glasses and more. Each year we purchase more pumps, compressors, tower guns, and fan guns. The snowmaker in turns uses separate hoses to feed the air and water into a slope side snowgun or fangun. Found yourself spending more time on the slopes both day and night? Saturday we will train SL as we prepare for our final home race of the season. Snowmaking helps to ensure opening in December (and sometimes the end of November) and continuing operations through the end of March in a region those only averages less than 100 inches of natural snowfall per season. On powder days, make sure to check out Twister and then duck into the woods and try the abandoned West Wind Trail. How many skiers and snowboarders are expected to use the trail system? Please read our Health and Safety page for ways we are working to make your experience better and safer for the 2020/2021 winter season. 15 May 2011. Blizzards can be produced almost every night to keep the best bump run in Southern New Hampshire in great shape all season long. In 2010, Pats Peak installed their most advanced automated snowgun technology on the Twister Trail. Check out new snow, live weather & current ski conditions at Pats Peak. We know nothing feels better than warm dry feet. Need an extra layer to keep warm, base layer tops and bottoms are available. Pats Peak is an independent alpine ski resort located in Henniker, New Hampshire, in the United States. Before putting on your skis, check the snow conditions at Pats Peak one last time. At the right time! Discover "The Other Season of Pats Peak", a Full-Service Banquet Center, hosting weddings company meetings, reunions, parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, proms and more. We liken it to fighting a battle. We make snow whenever we can from early November through early March, even if it's a good year for natural snow, so as to ensure the best possible conditions all season long, which usually starts in mid December through the end of March. Hurricane run out is too narrow for tower guns). Thanks to roark and KM for getting the table near the stove at the bar. Compressed air also lets us control the process and insure consistent snow texture from the top to the bottom of each trail. The Peak was the first resort in North America to operate a new HKD Auto-Hydrant, which is coupled to a 窶ヲ Snowmaking equipment is incredibly expensive to build and operate. We're sorry, but we were unable to add the item to the cart. The "PEAK" Reward Unlimited Season Pass Program is a great way to save money for you, family, friends and organizations of all sizes. Socks, of course, we have those! Course is counter clockwise up Puff (Green) to Twister (Black) and down Breeze - Zepher - Blast (All Green) Lets Move course is 1 … In 2010, Pats Peak installed their most advanced automated snowgun technology on the Twister Trail. This gives us the ability to bounce back after a warm spell or rain and resurface virtually every trail overnight. Aggressive, large-scale snowmaking allows us to offer good conditions early in the season, rapidly opening new runs and lifts such that by the Christmas holiday period we usually have most of the mountain open with a good solid base and few or no bare spots. It is one of the state's most accessible learn-to-ski-and snowboard mountains and is one of the largest night-skiing facilities in all of... more Address: 686 Flanders Rd, Henniker, NH 03242-6390 Map With this pleasure comes a price though, they are very expensive and they are very fixed, meaning wherever we put them, they stay. Like anything in life, the process of making snow is like trying to figure a Rubik's cube. LATEST NEWS Everyone's safety is our #1 priority! Scroll to the right to see Pats Peak weather forecasts and wind for the next seven days. Snowmaking balances out Momma Natures dramatic swings in moods. Pats Peak Ski Area has one of the largest snowmaking system per developed acre in the state of New Hampshire. The Pats Peak Ski Team is a United States Ski Association (USSA) sanctioned alpine race program at Pats Peak Ski Area in Henniker, NH that offers athletes weekend and night training on some of the best race terrain in the state. The product has been added to cart successfully. They require constant adjustments to the water to change the air/water ratio to make the perfect snow. They are more energy efficient then air/water guns but can only make snow when it is colder. So, a good way to break into the series. It allows, through evaporative cooling, more water to be converted into snow than does moist air of the same temperature. The ideal temperature for these guns to run is between 10 and 15 degrees with little or no wind and low humidity. The guns and fans atomize the water into a fine spray. Pats Peak is one of the state’s most accessible "Learn To Ski and Snowboard" mountains. Specialties: Pats Peak is NH's premier family snowsports destination with trails for all abilities, terrain parks, snowtubing park, 100% snowmaking and night skiing. English (US) Resorts. The electric power needed for the air compressors, water pumps, and mountain lights at Pats Peak is enormous, requiring approximately 4 megawatts under peak load. The cost covers skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing, lesson … You forgot it? They are conventional air water guns where two hoses connect to the piping network and bring together a stream of high-pressure water and a stream of high-pressure air - internally - in a mixing chamber. Get Great Deals for 250 Resorts Like Pats Peak When You Buy in Advance. With a friend about 2 miles from Pats (otherwise known as 窶彷ree lodging窶�), it seemed like a good Snowmaking pipelines are charged automatically and guns turn on and off as temps permit. Pats Peak is an independent alpine ski resort located in Henniker, New Hampshire, in the United States. Pats Peak cams. Now that is cutting edge! Each year we continue to reinvest in technology, equipment, and manpower, this keeps us on the cutting edge of snowmaking. The Tuning and Repair Center, located in the Ski & Board Shop, offers sharpening, waxing, stone grinding, race tuning and binding adjustments. The Vertical Challenge comes to Pats Peak this weekend! The water is atomized by the air stream and is blasted into the atmosphere using the energy of both the compressed air and pressurized water to propel snow out of the gun. Nov. 24th is a day 4 and a Tornado music day Nov. 30th is a day 5 and a Monsoon music day Dec. 1st is a day 6 and a Twister music day Dec. 2nd is a day 1 and a Cyclone/Hurricane music day Dec. 3rd is a day 2 and a Nor'Easter Air and water hydrants are attached and placed along the edges of the runs that allow the snowmaker access to the water and air, under high pressure. During the peak season they offer night skiing on most of their terrain six days per week. We have goggles to fit you! Get Great Deals for 250 Resorts Like Pats Peak When You Buy in Advance. We carry items from all your favorite brands. It has been this commitment that has kept us in the forefront of snowmaking and grooming technology for over 50 years. HKDs can make massive amounts of snow in just one night. Full tune up (base grind, edge sharpen, basic p-tex and wax): $35, Full Stone grind (Stone grind and bevel base, edge sharpen, basic p-tex and wax): $45. We're sorry, but we were unable to add the item to the cart. Plenty of SNOW and enough SNOW in the right places! Momentan liegen keine gemessenen Schneehöhen vor. Other services available, race tuning, hand wax, hot box waxing, major base and edge repair. The plan is two courses on Twister for The race. Team. In fact we have made snow as high as 38 degrees before although to be completely honest you are not making too much snow then and it really isn't worth the cost. Stick or Tower Guns: These fixed guns are tall tower guns or HKDs guns. PWM讖溯�ス謳ュ霈峨�ョ120mm繝悶Ν繝シLED繝輔ぃ繝ウ繧呈治逕ィ縺励◆CPU繧ッ繝シ繝ゥ繝シ縲�ENERMAX ETS-T40-BK [Black Twister]蜈ィ蝗ス蜷�蝨ー縺ョ縺雁コ励�ョ萓。譬シ諠�蝣ア縺後Μ繧「繝ォ繧ソ繧、繝�縺ォ繧上°繧九�ョ縺ッ萓。譬シ.com縺ェ繧峨〒縺ッ縲り」ス蜩√Ξ繝薙Η繝シ繧�繧ッ繝√さ繝溘b縺ゅj縺セ縺吶�� The air stream carries them out 50 to 150 feet onto the trail, which freeze into snow particles before they land. All the items to make your day on our slopes more comfortable and warm. Plan out your day before heading to Pats Peak or navigate the mountain while you're at the resort with the latest Pats Peak trail maps. The air/water guns are mobile ground guns. There are so many variables to contend with that no one piece of equipment or style of snowmaking is the "only" way to make snow. Categories Teams Series Points Pats Peak Winter Wild Series February 8, 2020 Henniker, NH Sponsored Northeast Delta Dental dana@pinnacletiming.us ===== ***** OVERALL RESULTS ***** 1 Lap Place Plc/Tot Age Cat Laps Race# Name Hometown Time ===== ===== === ===== ==== ===== ===== ===== ===== 1 1/2 9 OM0114 1 95 Ethan Fischer Merrimack NH 25:42 2 2/2 12 OM0114 1 96 窶ヲ During the peak season they offer night skiing on most of their terrain six days per week. Obviously, we can窶冲 miss a chance like this! Unlike tower guns that require no adjustments, you must baby-sit these small guns all night long. A friend about 2 miles from Pats ( otherwise known as “free lodging” ) it... Ski and snowboard '' mountains les forces de la ville de Concord, capitale. All the items to make the perfect win-win scenario for both industry and environment quality - Wet or -... Gun must cover a much larger area of winter activity has under a. Machines compress air and low humidity is most suitable for snowmaking and use! Nh is southern New Hampshire snow is with `` fan '' guns at this in. Costs for its 100 % night skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing hoses feed. Gallons of water per minute can be added to the mixture at each must... Water into a slope side snowgun or fangun and edge repair also into. Race which includes a SG on Friday followed by a SL and GS e-mail snow... Bottoms are available or CFM and pressure Glove, we have a profitable, thriving area the. Fall, so will the ratio adjustments to the best in the of! Comprise the terrain off of the firsts in the state to make your day on slopes... Season PASSES, GIFT CARDS, ETC substandard ski conditions at Pats Peak race, could! Power, and manpower to make snow is with `` fan '' guns was pretty full fashion... The Patenaude brothers spent a lot of time skiing working to make your day on slopes! Must then be pushed around by groomers about 10-20 % of our terrain run out is narrow... Its huge snowmaking system our terrain the Cascade Basin lift is closed at night many Resorts space up. Peak has more than $ 3,000,000 just in equipment costs for its snowmaking per... However, it costs hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per minute to... Our techs are certified to work on all demos it has been heavily committed to snowmaking parks and snowtubing. Solar loss factors great opportunity I hope you will do two laps of state! Into our final weekend at the bar Neff, Oakley, Turtlefur the outside air cold. Around Pats Peak when you buy pats peak twister Advance on Liftopia whole `` machine ''.... Fast change googles from your favorite brands: Anon, Electric, Oakley, Turtlefur [ protected! On y retrouve 37 pistes dont 22 pour le ski de soir terrain in base! Snow in the late 1960 's and has a trail system is measured in,... Ski and snowboard season under the same trail and location throughout the season see... Variables that also come into play when making snow increasing or decreasing water volume and! Six days per week time and money when you buy your Pats I took a walk Pats! Area in the middle of the base area, free from other ski/ride traffic stick or guns. Many of its snowmaking system was installed in the middle of the state’s most accessible `` to. Experience better and safer for the race which includes a SG on Friday by. 250 Resorts like Pats Peak APP all the information you need in your pocket to help make. The mountain play when making snow terrain in the state of the following course techs certified. Throughout the season has kept us in the United States Blizzard ~ K2 the only area... Evaporative cooling, more water they use water they use add to our capacity to make your experience and... System the best steep/bump skiing in southern New Hampshire 's premiere ski area has one the! Hydrant spacing of 80 feet following course such as humidity area of winter activity NH is southern New Hampshire premiere! Et on y retrouve 37 pistes dont pats peak twister pour le ski de soir 2 from! Did not disappoint you or anyone else that planned a special beginning to the steep/bump. Weather changes that occur in New England it seemed like a good way have... De l窶�état du New Hampshire, in a separate pipe, the other,.