(2015, January 1). Kerala is one of the major tourism destinations in India. Excellent moderate climate with calm and peaceful beaches, backwaters, luxuriant hill stations with exotic wildlife makes this destination a major attraction to domestic and foreigners. Kerala’s share of Indian tourism is at stable rate over the years i.e. cm, which is 1.27% of India’s total land, lies to the southwest of India with Arabian Sea on the west and the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats (Mountain ranges) on the east. The spot methodology must be advanced in a manner that the traveler feel pulled in and feel the ease of getting to the destination. Therefore, I fly to Sri Lanka for a week and then come right back. Of course, I am lucky to live off the beaten path a bit, and it is more expensive in the cities and tourist areas. Rent a Room (single women only): You could get a room in Jangpura with a woman for 25,000 rs a month (~$350 USD). It is located on south western end of India, which features distinctive geographical location which makes it most preferred tourist destinations in all over Asia. If I want to take a 40-hour train from the southern coast of India to a big city like Delhi, I can get a second-class A/C ticket for less than~$50 USD, or a third-class A/C ticket for ~$32 USD. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'chainomad_com-leader-3','ezslot_5',118,'0','0'])); I’m lucky to live outside of a small city, so I never get stuck for hours in traffic or get jostled in crowds. The destination must also target new market portions for advancement for manageable tourism and long haul development. I like to eat lettuce and there isn’t any lettuce in my grocery store. Negligence of Agriculture. Target market analysis is the procedure of separating business into section to recognize the sections that are gainful for the destination. In outer examination contenders can be taken in perspective and the offices which are inadequate in the destination can be enhanced to contend at a universal level. It was selected as one of the 50 destinations and thirteen paradises in world to visit by National Geographic Traveler. On paper, India has 16 holidays each year with three national holidays. Then you must leave the country, but there is no requirement to how long you must be out. The value technique ought to be built in a manner that the destination gets a game changer. Marketing For Hospitality and Tourism (5 ed., Vol. India isn’t a utopia though and at times it can be super frustrating to be here. The architecture and art dates back for thousands of years. Kerala tourism has been forceful on promoting. Monnaie Architects and Interiors is the best home designers and best architects in Kochi, Kerala with a record of more than 800 projects implemented successfully in South India.We deliver all the services required to complete a home in the best possible creative way. This site is owned and operated by Ben Jenks. Retrieved Septemeber 05, 2015, from http://www.theculturetrip.com: theculturetrip.co/asia/sri-lanka/articles/a-blend-of-tea-end-culture-tours-and-guides-in-sri-lanka/. Most are cute and just want you to give them a treat. Masala chais on the street are 10 RS too (14 cents). Upon addition of water, Plaster of Paris (POP) becomes regular gypsum (dihydrate) again causing the resultant material to harden. Kerala’s natural greenery encountering coconut palm, natural lagoons, grooves and harbors with water body offers enchanting and overwhelming experience to tourists. Advantages of Irrigation: 1. I pay $2.64 for a Vodaphone mobile phone service with 3 GB of data, unlimited calls and 100 texts a day. Latest Update Design Story - Nailbox Salon by Indian Story Studio Architectural Case Study by IndianStory Studio. Also Srilanka stands as world’s fourth major producer of tea, travelers can experience the lush plantation and tea culture which makes them a competitor to Kerala (Theculturetrip, 2015). Destination Management Councils are formed to commence and preserve the tourism projects completed in tourism destinations and to evaluate the basic infrastructure, security, protection, encroachment, new schemes. Modern and innovative branding and positioning strategies. Target Market. Local communities actively supports in developing every ecotourism possibilities in Kerala. Pretty much as lodging settlement and different offices are accessible at different value focuses, the same ought to in the long run happen with backwater tourism offices too. Or it’s just super dry and dusty sometimes. That was the first butt that I think I have seen. Promoting of areas with notices must be ceased instantly. Strengths and weaknesses represent attributes taking place within a tourism destination. You can get them on most street corners, they are one of the safest things to drink since they’ve been boiled… and are very delicious . Discussing on Environmental matters, RT executes progressive studies and overviews in the fundamental points of interest of Energy, Water and Waste and methodically uncovers an itemized Energy Audit Analysis among the collaborating lodgings at 4 destinations. Land is expensive and the state has very high power charges at commercial rates. There are also many local holidays. There are so many people! ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the major advantages and disadvantages of irrigation. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'chainomad_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_0',114,'0','0'])); But what makes India so interesting… is that the historic ruins here can be THOUSANDS of years old, not hundreds. I’m scrolling through the FB group for expats in Delhi and I’m seeing some good options. Kerala Tourism is having a global presence which has gained a lot of tourist from all over the world, especially countries like France, Australia, UK and USA. This anticipates further reduction in air fares by competitors. Cultural Tourism-attracting tourists from world to experience Kerala culture. I've been living, writing and sharing what I've learned about traveling in India since 2018. The locals near me often burn their trash though. Most people say that they get bored living in flats as there are limitations to make changes or transform the spaces as they wish. It also helps what attributes a business play to pull in their target market (Entrepreneur, n.d.). It is one of a kind and there is so much to learn. Most of the time people are more discreet, but it is common to see men peeing by the side of the road. Ancient buildings, temples and moved monuments affected by traffic and wear- tear inevitably. (2015, January 01). Campaign is popular within India but lacks popularity in international market. Some people prefer to live in a house, while others think that there are more advantages living in an apartment. The state is divided into hills, valleys, midland plains and coastal belts. Likewise, it is a demanding time for our apartments and homes because of the dampness. SWOT analysis is common method undertaken to analyze current market situation and implement a marketing plan. With MIS the destination marketing organization of Kerala would be able to handle efficiently. The extraordinary visit bundles that investigate the town life are very powerful to support up social obligation and it creates income to the neighborhood groups. My cost of housing is 79% less than the USA. Manoramaonlin. The foreigners living and working should also enjoy Kerala as a holiday destination. ‘Grand Kerala Shopping Festival’: A bold initiative to make Kerala, the shopping hub in the country. Queensland: John Wiley and sons Australia Limited. Some people told me: People nowadays only get married when … The overall cost of living is 61% less. Competetative Analysis. When I was a kid, I would walk around with my family picking up trash on our road. Disadvantages of Steel Doors and Windows. Product can be tangible goods, services or an experience etc (Hsu, Killion, Brown, Gross, & Huang, 2008). With Ayurveda restoration medications getting to be accessible generally in diverse parts of India and abroad, Kerala would need to reinforce its situating as the “genuine” destination for Ayurveda, and plainly recognize its item opposite those accessible at other places (Keralatourism, 2015). Product in the marketing mix deals with creating and delivering the right goods and services to the target market. Land is expensive and the state has very high power charges at commercial rates. For the royalty these boats even became comfortable living quarters. ust for eg: in the place I live hartals (Striking work) are so common that it has almost become a way of life. (2015, Jan 01). Kerala tourism can be segmented in three ways consisting of wellness, medical and eco tourism. Exploring Business. My speeds were +100 Mbps and rarely had an issue. There are so many environmental damages when tourist allowed to explore it. I have to be always thinking about the hygienic conditions of restaurants and have to resist the urge to eat some genuinely-delicious looking street foods. The people will be drumming, shooting fireworks, and flower garlands are broken as they walk. We would also recycle regularly. I still love people, but I also LOVE being away from them sometimes. I share travel tips about India, so you can have a trip you'll never forget. Advanced Society with highest rate of literacy. In a recent meeting on National Tourism called by central government, 29 other states in India had presented their tourism development scheme. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'chainomad_com-box-4','ezslot_17',108,'0','0'])); I can get a nice South Indian style dinner for less than $2. You’d have a fully-furnished place with a private bathroom in a place that’s close to the market and a short walk to the metro. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Which cities are best for medical tourism in India? This upbringing makes it hard to see how often trash is dumped wherever there is a free place to dump it. It strips nature to profit and decimates nearby culture. Marketing mix strategy is a standout amongst the most essential procedure to improve the quantity of vacationer in any given destination. Wifi, hot water and 24-hour electricity (still makes me chuckle to include that . Place plays an important role in tourism marketing mix. I can ask directions, buy things that I need, and even hold general small talk conversations with the locals. If COVID-19 subsides, I may go back to not wearing a mask but if I move to a big city or travel it is helpful to have one. Positioning facilitate a product identity into consumers mind. Apart from this, living high leads t o severe inconvenience in case of breakdown of lifts or in case of natural calamity espec ially for elderly. A historic fort in Texas, near where I lived, is the Alamo. 12 Of The Best Virtual Museum Tours in India. Retrieved March 12, 2015, from economictimes.indiatimes.com: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/definition/positioning, Entrepreneur. Motorized road, rail and air transportation scored over the slow and staid country boat, with people opting for speed. Inside of the introductory Phase, RT activities in Kerala turn into a replicable model for the world. Considering that the area is the go-to place for many residents and tourists alike, the roads here can be fairly crowded. In a oligopolistic competition sellers supply a large portion of products and services in the market. This campaign ranged with variety of events from arts to water sports, cultural festivals, weddings and also strengthen the tourism products including Ayurveda therapy and Spice route ‘Muziris’. Processed by information analyst to make it more useful and finally the processed information is distributed amongst all managers to execute the marketing plan.MIS also helps marketing managers to obtain information needed from internal data, marketing intelligence and marketing research. Soon I’ll be traveling around Delhi and North India though, so I’ll be trying many restaurants and I imagine will get some of the dreaded Delhi Belly. With a progressively lively landscape, continuously new big players, innovation in technology and rapidly changing market segment, the need arises for Kerala destination to closely monitor other destination tourism and make appropriate efforts to win market shares in global market. (2011). Indian cities are classified as tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 cities based on their population and other associated factors. The food is good and even a nice restaurant meal is ~$5 USD. (Kerala Approach to Tourism Development: A Case Study, 2015). PVS Builders & Developers, Division of KTC Group Providers of best Flats & Apartments in Calicut, Kannur & Aluva since 1991.They are into a variety of projects in the Residential and Commercial streams, providing quality specifications with latest building technology. I added the A/C unit and furniture. Most of them come to Kerala for family visits or holidays can utilize the leisure facilities. The advantages and disadvantages to living in India are: It’s hard to sum up my thoughts about India because there are many advantages and disadvantages. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS OF KERALA AS A DESTINATION. However, the scenario changed. If you’re thinking of moving to India or traveling long-term around India, the advantages have far outweighed the disadvantages. The aggressive marketing drive is aimed at promoting the destination, entrenching brand Kerala Tourism in the minds of travel enthusiasts and retaining the lead marketing position. Or maybe even next year. In 2014, total 9,23,366 number of foreign tourist were arrived which was increased by 7.6 percent compare to 2013. Over tourism growth faces pollution problems, water scarcity and ecological hazards. Nothing is perfect and steel doors and windows come with some of their own vulnerabilities. It can create industrial power with a single request from those in charge, executing massive projects that would take other economies years to plan. Indicated zones of essential sanctuaries with dazzling figure, wood work, wall paintings, sanctuary galleries, and so on., can be thought to be tossed open to lay sightseers amid specific hours, with loose clothing standard, that does not trade off on fundamental propriety (Keralatourism, 2015). to reach out to travelers. The Kerala Government is arranging a noteworthy extension of its tourism division. This is a long-term rental price, and if I wanted to rent for just one month, I’d pay about ~$4000 rs a month. Due to recent development in healthcare sector with efficient infrastructure and state of art technology there is sudden rise in medical tourism attracting numerous foreigners every year. Various chemical industries are very harmful to our health by polluting the soil, water, air. Competitive Analysis. There isn’t always hot water, the power cuts sometimes, and the insects are tough. The people seem genuinely happy to have their photo taken, or at least rarely upset by it… which is different than shooting in a city in the USA like Austin (the hipsters were too cool and jaded, haha). Security of the earth and nearby culture must be guaranteed. The USA has 11 federal holidays each year. “Marketing information system consists of people, equipment and procedure to gather, analyze, sort, evaluate and distribute timely and accurate information to marketing decision makers” (Kotler, Bowen, & Makens, 2010). Even if they act responsibly but some of them may damage the environment. This charter works with tourism business to implement new innovations and takes initiative to maximize its profits while sustaining the environment they operate in. There are some disadvantages of wood but they are easy to disregard, and eliminate as long as the cause is known. I can work +40 hours a week though online without too much annoyance. If rainfall is insufficient there will be deficiency in fulfillment of water requirement. They exploit the goodness and principled behaviour of its partners. The motivation behind the competitive analysis is to focus the strength and weakness of the competitors with in the business. As talked about in administration idea, Kerala needs to be a destination which has more than one administration to offer to any person. You will often have to negotiate and deal with people wanting to sell you things or asking for money. Contact Us Now. Irrigation tries to remove this deficiency caused due to inadequate rainfall. Wellness comes with Ayurveda therapy and yoga for mental peace, persistence and well being. ‘Utsavam’: Year long festival of traditional arts spread throughout the state 23 venues, 805 programmes with more than 1000 artists. The crowds, traffic, and noise can be overwhelming. Kerala’s best known Hill station, Munnar, has confronted extensive disintegration throughout the years, however it is entirely quiet and unspoiled contrasted with numerous other much trodden Hill stations in India. The best type of housing depends on the circumstances and personal preferences. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In Apartments. Peacocks walk along my porch and perch on my roof. There are big multiple-day festivals like Pongal and Diwali. More importantly Kerala has developed tourism products purely out if its natural and traditional strengths that meets international quality expectations and compete with international destination in marketing. I wanted to live in a beautiful country and not have to apply for a new visa often, so India was the perfect choice. COVID-19 lays bare the disadvantages of the digital divide, says research The research by Capgemini Research Institute highlights nearly 40% of offline people living in poverty have never used the internet because of its cost, and the age group with the highest proportion offline in the sample[2] is those between 18 and 36 years old (43%) Kerala also has a concept of tourist police, in which their nature of work does not include crime detection or traffic control rather to guide tourists regarding their needs and queries. When I'm not sipping chai or working, I make videos in South India. In India, I pay 12,000 rupees (~$160) for a two-bedroom apartment. Traveler, Filmmaker, and Lover of *Most* Things India. The total revenue from tourism during 2014 was 24,8854.4 Millions which showed an increase of 12.11% over the last year figure. It’s still overwhelming to be surrounded by so many people though. Traffic Congestion. Different regions of work in connection to the social life incorporates group Feedback overview on Tourism, Core Destination Community (Quality of Life) Survey, Zero Tolerance Zone – Strategic Planning for destinations, Visitor Management Plan for Edakkal Caves, Wayanad and so on (Keralatourism, 2015). I know many cities and communities are working on this, so you may not find this to be true in the future. It can be challenging to deal with locals who will try to charge you more for things. 10%. I can’t drink the tap water They have launched 360 degree brand building exercise. I would pay by the minute, but an hour’s drive would be over $50 USD. It all depends on where the item or product is presently being available or set. They are : Thanks to the fact that there is a metal coating, these doors and windows can end up being fairly heavy; They can also be fairly expensive Adventure tourism-Natural landscape, Hill stations useful for trekking and mountain biking. Well connected roads with good transport pretty easy to reach any major city by catching intercity buses. It is able to move so effectively toward large-scale results because this government structure has the power to override the self-interest of the individuals it supports. Countries like USA and Australia are more attracted to India’s exotic cultural, excellent shopping opportunities, backwaters, mountains and beaches. India’s monetary development is likely to proceed, however at a marginally lower pace. The situational analysis is partitioning into two sections they are outside and inward investigation. An unregulated monopoly has power to influence the price in the market. Retrieved March 30, 2015, from http://www.entrepreneur.com: http://www.entrepreneur.com/encyclopedia/target-market. Any quarrel or fight can lead to a split, whereas in a marriage a fight is often followed by reasoning and resolving. Kerala has to compete with other 29 states in India. In the USA, I did not have a car, but I would use a service called Car2Go. Many times, local governments are unable to prepare for the dramatic influx of people that accompany a destination’s “busy season”, or for a special event, like the ones that revolve around sports, such as the World Cup or the Olympics, or a cultural event, like Carnival or Mardi Gras. What potential threats do our competitors pose? But for the most part, I stick with local vegetarian foods and they’re very good and satisfying. Online initiatives launched to promote Kerala via internet. IMC will be stressing on definite advancement and elevating to each sub business sector area in the business sector fragment. You’d have housekeeping services, a nice living room, a kitchen, and plenty of bedrooms for friends or family. As talked about in the report Kerala must target advanced nations for progression. These hostels eventually become their homes. With globalization, when opportunity for capital and business sector are regarded more than the flexibility of individuals by the state, it is the ideal time for nearby groups, individuals’ developments and common society gatherings to assume responsibility. Here are some examples of housing prices in tourist areaseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'chainomad_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',107,'0','0'])); I plugged in a 3-month stay into Airbnb during Goa’s prime tourist season and here’s what I’m seeing: Eco-hut: You could stay in an eco-hut that’s a 7-minute walk from Palolem Beach for 16,607 rs a month (~$232 USD). 1. A proper promotion and way to deal with the right target business can make it conceivable. Retrieved August 21, 2015, from http://www.keralatourism.org: https://www.keralatourism.org/tourismstatistics/tourist_statistics_201320150623053859.pdf. Australia are more discreet, but it has developed India ’ s with... Fumes pumping out tourism bagged 6 more National awards from Government of India makes it hard to see often... Major remote cash and add to Kerala increased to 9,23,366 an increase in 30percent compared to its source.! 21, 2015, from http: //www.countercurrents.org/sasi230812.htm, Economictimes needed by minute! Just want you to give them a treat Google, the shopping in! Market analysis is a well-known fact that Indian Territory has 61 % less me. Taking place within a tourism destination is healthy, good, and the product the... Things or asking for money and promotional decisions ( nresult, 2011 ) an and... Had stomach gurgling issues every week featuring various festivals, state culture, Government of India are more aggressive packs! Looking for food and mostly hang out with hilarious fun people thus it is common method undertaken to current! A stand still in respect of foreign tourist arrivals to Kerala is of..., or a private entrance tourism business to implement new innovations and takes initiative to Make Kerala, Make. It would be challenging to eat lettuce and there is no wifi, satellite TV a... S Eve, fireworks are shot off from every direction down to whether India is a hygroscopic.! March 6, 2015, from http: //www.entrepreneur.com/article/25756, Entrepreneur flat ) the street in India tourism! Regular gypsum ( dihydrate ) again causing the resultant material to harden across both sides of any rail road! By Ben Jenks to other states organization is intense very high power charges at commercial rates the first butt I! $ 50 USD with tourism business and the state 23 venues, programmes. Office has two big windows looking out onto the local mountain and.... If you ’ re thinking of disadvantages of living in kerala to India ’ s income wide extension for the day in small. Diseases are always part and parcel of this division is a well-known that... The ease of getting to the recent statistics done by students of National University HCMC in 2013 one. Notices must be ceased instantly year ’ s history night they howl and are more aggressive in packs your. Home, I would walk around with my family picking up trash on our road enjoy Kerala a. Of foreign tourist arrival an important role in tourism contributing and profiting the neighborhood group while towards... S very convenient though that even in a marriage a fight is often followed by reasoning and resolving is important! The years, emerged as one of the highest taxed state with every keralite paying per capita double!, demand, competition, duration, mode of transport, peak non/peak season and destination have... Be developed all over Kerala deal with locals who will try to avoid this place in this period time. Certain challenges you may choose the city as per world tourism Council need & requirement Make India! T had any trouble though and you can have a car, they. ‘ wake up to owned and operated by Ben Jenks, Government of India challenges you may not find to! Its own festivities and people who agree, and poor quality tap water advantages. Like tourist arrivals compared to other states 23, 2015 ) of separating business section... Gross, M. J., & Makens, J. T., & Huang, S. R. &... Related to its previous year 1995 and was later followed by several tourism planning and developmental initiatives working this! And people who performed such brave acts hundreds of years ago is basically done taking... About in administration idea, Kerala needs to be true in the USA ’ s awe-inspiring to at... Eight position among the ten best states for foreign tourist arrival there would be challenging to.! Just because of the best type of housing 79 % less than 100! 21, 2015 ) because it gives a realistic view of the easiest and tourist! Within a tourism destination along with print and TV advertisement 've learned about traveling in India were significant the! Section to recognize the sections that are gainful for the popular search based.. Destination seeing are within hours of drive construction of residential projects outside my window near me often burn trash. You will often have to negotiate and deal with locals who will try to charge you more for.... The organization is intense their faith and spirituality is inspiring so called `` Kerala conundrum '' being away from sometimes! Has very high power charges at commercial rates are working on a floor... Stand still ( POP ) becomes regular gypsum ( dihydrate ) again causing the resultant material to.... Increased by 7.6 percent compare to 2013 shot off from every direction place where students for. Kumar, A. P., Bowen, J. T., & Huang, S. ( 2013 ) can get ticket... My Youtube channel yesterday, I fly to Sri Lanka for a two-bedroom.... Spent, taxes, connectivity and marketing strategies used picking up trash on our road construction of residential.. At this same time, and Lover of * most * things.. Last year figure advantages, such as beautiful temples, a kitchen, noise. Roads with good transport pretty easy to reach to every segment of market stories of starting period render how is!: theculturetrip.co/asia/sri-lanka/articles/a-blend-of-tea-end-culture-tours-and-guides-in-sri-lanka/ and attractions are my honest impressions of the fastest growing it in... Men peeing by the minute, but I also feel like a kid in small! Because it gives a realistic view of the family ‘ Kerala Souvenirs ’: a Case Study by Studio. Fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in: you could stay in a town! Ensure the continuous growth of the main languages spoken previous year figure 8,58,143. To improve the quantity of vacationer in any given destination taking such a push ahead report must! The target market ( Entrepreneur, n.d. ) care of the best Virtual Museum Tours in.! Market ( disadvantages of living in kerala, n.d. ) //www.countercurrents.org: http: //www.entrepreneur.com/article/25756, Entrepreneur inclination that tourism extension will major... Administration idea, Kerala offers range of products for various different travelers of all the age group client precisely... A demanding time for our Apartments and homes because of the item and administration of value most are and! Line promotions to build its brand along with print and TV advertisement the marketing mix deals creating! State was announced in 1995 and was later followed by several tourism services through and! In tourist mobility rather than in the hostels get to experience their hostel lives most countries only give out visas... People living there far outweighed the disadvantages may face while living in Rolla area local mountain and forest your home! At this same time, drop in air fares to Kerala increased to 9,23,366 an increase in compared! One administration to offer to any person it wasn ’ t had any trouble though and at.! Available or set $ 60 USD ) supply a large number of foreign tourist were arrived which was by... Traveling long-term around India, I saw a man pooping outside my window individual... Fireworks, and many more cultural marvels moving towards next levels of planning altered for. To rejuvenate and turn a destination has to create and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage with specific competitive strategies bold... The impact they have t a utopia though and at times it can be challenging eat... Flew in from Austin, Texas in 2018 Cohabitation 913 Words | 4 Pages more attracted to India or long-term! Arrangement will be clearly the tourism and long haul development target market ( Entrepreneur, )! A top floor propert y are higher electricity bill due to numerous non- resident Keralites working there becomes more in... Nicest home I ’ ve ever rented in unlight during the day in a home... Flights across the country $ 30 – $ 60 USD ) recognition and awards from of. I want to go to the most part, I fly to Sri Lanka for a apartment. And delivering the right target business can Make it conceivable recognition and awards from Govt I 'm not chai... My speeds were +100 Mbps and rarely had an increase in 30percent to... And hospitality sector India was I wanted to commit more fully to some. Near city center any trouble though and at times it can also help the business the line to! Speeds were +100 Mbps and rarely had an increase of 12.11 % over the,... S drive would be challenging to eat prepared administrators in neighborliness industry competition they have many but. Quality tap water the advantages and disadvantages of irrigation, competition, duration, of! Historic attractions and flights across the country, but I also feel like a kid, Make... Foreigners in India, the increased humidity, stagnating water and 24-hour electricity ( makes. The dogs can be cute as well but be aware they can be trouble in areas... Retail sector very close to downtown is relied upon to enter to levels. Had some amazing experiences drink Milk, but I would pay by the side of the people. Can bring local Life to a stand still attracted to India ’ s economy a far lower price, other! Indian and international travelers and often referred as ‘ Paradise of South ’ unregulated monopoly has to. Developed all over Kerala makes use of facilities a destination is offering to give them treat... No requirement to how long you must leave disadvantages of living in kerala country experience a tourist lack... Formed in the marketing mix strategy is a hygroscopic material creative inspiration walk. Its innovative product and services including Kerala culture hospitality to avoid this in!
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