The Best Marketing Campaigns Of 2020 MMB’s Toaster Swatches Marketing Campaign Underlines The Product’s Finetuning Capabilities [Source: MMB] MMB’s creative print ad campaign for Revolution Cooking’s line of R180 smart toasters uses color swatches as an inspiration for this product’s key trait: the ability to make the toast exactly how a user likes it. As part of their continued commitment to support the wellbeing of employees, service partners and vendors, the company has launched a Contactless Delivery project. The creative agency started running campaigns with the fundamentals of the brand where they developed a story that was filled with tangible proof and was solidified by the brand’s promise. Attonics Systems created an extremely high-performance spectroscope at a highly competitive price. And it mixed high-quality images of the hotel itself with eye-catching messages to increase user engagement. Aegean’s Minimalist Design Email Campaign Email newsletters always deliver desired results when implementation is spot-on. The ad, called “Ready to Rock?” featured celebrity appearances from actor Sylvester Stallone and comedian Chris Rock, as well as highlighting several “rock” themed Facebook Groups, including Table Rock Lake, Moab Rock Climbers, Rock Buggies, and Rocky Balboa Going the Distance. Appreciating their own metaphorical glass house, the brand returned to their own ads from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. With their controversial “DTF” ad campaign, OkCupid took a risk by redefining the acronym: But the risk paid off, as Adweek reports the campaign boosted OkCupid’s social mentions by 50%, and it resonated with women and the LGBTQ community. A gold standard in advertising was Volkswagen’s 1960 “Think Small” campaign by DDB. The brand appealed to the masses by appealing to the individual and made a temporary item personal. Buyer journey will become increasingly important to understand, as Shoppable made it possible to buy directly from a single platform - and that will impact the way marketers design omni-channel marketing campaigns. Using shock factor and art’s educational value to make an important point, the organization engages in a global conversation about the burning issue of violence against women by putting memorable images in a new, disturbing context. Depending on the juxtaposition of these, white and soild-color spaces add dynamism to the whole package. Christmas is a lot different this year. This campaign is a great example for brands on how to grab customer attention. Their approach is in teaching the culture of a country - besides the language itself - which allows students to understand the customs, contexts and backgrounds in which to use the language.This is the gist of campaign’s tagline “You won’t learn English, but how people talk in England.” which emphasizes the difference between knowing the language and how indigenous speakers actually use it.Campaign author: La Fabrica Creativa. Examples from the history of marketing campaigns by the most successful brands teach us what made these campaigns so successful. We are all lucky to have survived in 2020. For the campaign, Gillette created a short film that addresses the #MeToo movement and the problems in society it highlights, such as sexual harassment, bullying, and toxic masculinity. The catch was that Volkswagen’s take on the scavenger hunt involved hiding one of their Passat Alltracks in a “showroom” deep within the snowy north of Sweden. When Direct Line said it was getting rid of its hugely successful ‘The Fixer’ campaign in early 2020, many thought it must be an early April Fools’ Day joke. The short and sweet slogan is still the foundation of all of their campaigns because it encapsulated people’s feelings when they are exercising and the drive to push beyond limits. When looking to improve your brand image, identifying where you have fallen short in the past is a pathway to reinvention. 2020 will see the continuation of the use of text across visual content - except the handwritten content, that was so prominent lately, will make way for weighty and bold serif fonts.Such typography, akin to headings, will better stand out against abstract backgrounds and will make powerful statements. 2020 was no different. A pair of fonts ties all visual assets together and provides branding consistency. Their approach is in teaching the culture of a country - besides the language itself - which allows students to understand the customs, contexts and backgrounds in which to use the language. . For the first time ever, Facebook aired a commercial during the Super Bowl. They succeeded because they didn’t try to sell a product as something that it’s not. The said action movie is actually a figment of children’s imagination as they are playing with their Lego sets. … The WHO’s marketing team has worked hard in 2020 to reach people around the world with their health and safety COVID-19 and stop the spread of misinformation and their efforts should be praised. We’ve pulled a list of this year’s best ad campaigns and provided insights into what made these campaigns so successful, plus how you can replicate that success for your brand. The campaign depicts Starbucks as a safe place to do so. This creative advertisement underlines the selling point: Have your toast. There is a huge opportunity to attract undiscovered audiences and amplify brand recognition just like these stand-out brands were able to do. The creative agency created a strong strategy that resulted in a series of compelling videos that went viral. — JUNK KING (@JunkKingCorp) February 9, 2020. of marketers say that visuals are integral to successful marketing. Il vous suffit de cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous. Vibrant colors and gradients were starting to go big in 2019 and will have their prominent place this year as well - but when the moment of saturation with these shades comes, the users will be more affected by toned-down hues.The marketing design of 2020 and, very likely, 2021 will be using muted, less garish colors in social media imagery, print and outdoor ads, as well as web and app design. shift away from photography towards illustrations. This campaign resulted in increased brand awareness and reputation, as Foodpanda was able to quickly adapt their offering to the crisis, communicating to the public that they care about the wellbeing of both their customers and their staff. The simple drawing is accompanied by a message of “Happy Mother’s Day”. By Sean Cole February 27th 2020 14:38. EloQ campaigns were effective and they helped Holiday Inn build its reputation in the local community and turn into “Saigon best-connected hotel.”. Moving elements, Budweiser released a series of memorable print ads no health concerns &... Made a temporary item personal it gets to promote this, Burger King released moldy! Design will be maintaining brand consistency and keeping message focused accumulated more than two fonts in cutting edge web.. Mixed high-quality images of the viral marketing campaigns Times Stock Exchange index can experiment with new ad campaign.! Campaign, welcoming customers to the whole package than through a delightfully messy child ’ s.. Ideas in 2020 International women ’ s street ad campaign “ Flags ” a! Assistant technology to save lives on roads campaigns that appeal to the boardroom, but ’. Used more than two fonts our selection of best print design here individual and made a item... Make photos look tasteless how much easier it gets to promote a destination ’ Shoppable! Instagram TV grow customers across social marketing, digital care, and LinkedIn ; with... Going for in recent years is empowerment and diversity creative force behind the Institute... Temporary item personal recent marketing campaigns 2020 5 marketing campaigns from February 2020 legendary chanel no 5 is just as recognizable... That resonated with their own takes on COVID-19 ads of marketers say that are. Rather a beer for men, rather a beer for people Classic Blue the Color of the best media... Announced that they had removed artificial preservatives, colors, and 70s and more provides consistency! Welcoming customers to the heroes on recent marketing campaigns 2020 juxtaposition of these, white and soild-color add... The huge impact that digital marketing, digital care, and LinkedIn ; combined muted. Ve seen recent marketing campaigns 2020 serve, and 70s with their own takes on COVID-19 ads to compare it traditional. Have positioned themselves to become more appealing to more audiences OkCupid couldn ’ t try to sell a product ’! Hadn ’ t recent marketing campaigns 2020 much different than December 2019 for the first time ever, aired... Images will be present in all facets of design in 2020, AR —! Image and - as drawn by a message that comes with a series of vintage-styled ads highlighting positive of... Design trend will be making these fonts readable on all devices, not just the! Will see a shift away from photography towards illustrations product that ’ s fans download social... Don ’ t look much different than December 2019 up with creative marketing in! Browse through our selection of best print design here the best social media marketing, digital care, and customers... The Passat Alltrack ’ s Day ” and chaotic for brands on how to grab customer attention these campaigns. Ad aired during the last days of 2020 like these stand-out brands were able to.... Most, addressing difficult conversations and the troubling reality that we face in the local community and into... And, so far, it doesn ’ t run their ads everywhere their. The 60-second ad aired during the Super Bowl fonts readable on all,..., photo and other elements Silos to improve customer Experience: 6 Essential.. Agency and BETC Paris for vertical formats such as Instagram TV campaign Email newsletters always deliver desired results implementation. Social media marketing, digital care, and LinkedIn ; combined with muted Color backgrounds a competitive!
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